5 Methods For Improving Your Brand Experience – Part II

Improve Brand Experience
Keep the communication proactive and ensure customers are kept informed across all stages of their journey.

In the first part of this article we discussed the first two out of five ways to improve your customer experience strategy to guarantee loyal customers to your brand, and we know people will never leave a brand that keeps them happy and satisfied. Happiness can be achieved by delivering a product or service that works perfectly and by providing exceptional customer service when a query or a problem arises.

Taking advantage of all the platforms provided by AI, like chatbots is necessary to get ahead on improving your customers experience, also understanding and satisfying your customers needs is vital to enable a good relation with your customers.

Keeping your customers informed should be a key point in your customer experience strategy; you should keep your website updated and easy to access. Keep it free of unnecessary ads and provide multiple purchase options during their journey.

Now let’s go ahead and learn about the other three ways to improve your customer experience:

3. Have clear communication channels

Communication is vital in every business; you will need to choose the right communication channels, the right language and message, to reach people at the time when they need you the most. So, you will need to streamline the entire communications process to create a seamless customer journey. 

All businesses need to establish effective ways of communication between the brand and their customers, but first you need to create a good communication line between all the company’s departments, this is the only way to ensure proper response and communication with your customers.  Make sure you have a way to get the right information to the people who need it and the right way.  

Keep the communication proactive and ensure the customer is kept informed across all levels of his journey.

Always avoid taking short cuts when it comes to communication a lack of cohesive communication could cause them to leave the brand.

The happier your employees the easier it will be to make your customers happy. Having good salaries, and feeling valued within the company will make your employees feel attached to the brand which will lead to better customer interactions and this good interactions lead to well delivered customer service . Give your employees freedom to provide feedback and to be involved in the day to day decision making. It’s easier to keep your customers happy when your employees are also happy.

You can find a variety of new communication tools that allows you to communicate at scale using live videos and chats, so everyone at your company can be informed and at the same page all the time.

Keep track of the traffic sources coming to your website to see which channels are most effective with your customers so you can be prepared to provide service via the most frequently used channels. Use tools to check your messages across channels in order to generate maximum engagement.

Emails are still one of the best forms of communication with your customers. You can send emails to your customers to keep them informed about new promotions or just to give them an easy ride through their customer journey and keep them engaged.

4. Provide enhanced Data Security

Customers prefer businesses that take personal data security seriously. To improve this part of the business this is where blockchain could come in handy to impact data security positively.

When the data is decentralized, it means little pieces of information or data are saved or stored in more than one computer, these processes can guarantee that data loss will never be a problem.

Blockchain offers stronger encryption and validation with full signatures. It will also help you manage the customer retention process in real time, also blockchain makes scalability easier without compromising security.

Without a doubt customers always prefer to be part of a business when they feel the company takes every effort in keeping their data secure.  So making sure your customers know their data is safe will have a big impact on their experience.

5. Create an immersive experience

The technology used to turn common objects into interactive 3D displays is called projection mapping.  This new technology can be immensely useful when you need to make your audiences notice your brand and feel like they are in a completely different environment; here is where projection mapping is able to provide a more engaging experience with the help of visual simulation which adds increases the interactivity and gains a better ROI in terms of publicity.

Both offline and online marketing is important in order to enhance the brand’s customer experience. This is why offline interactive experiences are also extremely necessary to keep the audience connected with your business.

So regardless of your business niche, customer experience is a crucial factor when it comes to having a head start from competitors.

It is necessary to provide top product quality to satisfy your customer’s needs, but this will not be of any help if the overall customer experience is not good. Keep in mind that your customers are necessary and you need to take every step possible to offer a truly exceptional customer experience to keep them engaged and bring them back. Turning them into brand advocates will help your brand stand out from the competition and will ensure your brand constant growth.

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