Services & Solutions

Let’s develop a customized outsourcing solution to your specifications!

Leverage our extensive industry experience, best practices and unrivaled expertise to maximize your investment and transform your customer’s journey. We work closely with your team to transfer knowledge and confidence to increase team efficiency, and improve your business.

Customer Service

We help you define the best customer service strategy and deploy an efficient and effective customer interaction.


We ensure that our sales force is highly skilled, motivated and dedicated to achieving your success.

Tech Support

Our agents go through extensive training so they are experts in answering your customer’s questions.

Chat & Email

High quality service for billing inquiries, order inquiries, customer service, and technical support.

Quality Assurance

Our specialists review calls, chats and emails with each agent to improve their performance.

Back Office

More than ever, it is critical for companies to have systems in place allowing processing of incoming paperwork quickly and effectively.


When you work with WORLD CONNECTION consultants, you gain our years of expertise. We show you how to improve your contact center performance and deliver exceptional customer experience.

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