Customer Service.

At World Connection, you get more than satisfied customers. You get people who truly live, love and breathe your brand. From the moment you become a World Connection client, we partner with you to develop a deep understanding of how your business works, including your company’s vision, mission and values.

Once we understand your company culture, we hire people who fit your organizational values and want to work for your brand. We don’t just hire associates. We hire brand ambassadors!

World Connection values Customer Service as a top priority for every client. We understand pleasing clients and customers is connected to the success of the business and take the initiative in creating a superior customer experience.

We help you define the best customer service strategy and deploy an efficient and effective customer interaction.

  • Billing Support
  • Account Inquiries
  • Claims Processing
  • Complaint and Problem
  • Resolution
  • Order Management

Quality Assurance.

World Connection’s Quality Assurance team supports the needs of the client by ensuring a consistent and positive experience for every customer. When Quality Assurance is combined with the culture of service that permeates our organization, outstanding customer satisfaction becomes the natural result.

Our Quality Assurance Team is essential to ensuring that our agents meet the standards set forth by both World Connection and our clients. The Quality Assurance Team works with managers, supervisors and their agents to review contacts, provide coaching tools and to ensure that the customer experience is exceptional. The QA team reviews calls, chats, and emails with each agent and provides regular feedback to them and their supervisors to ensure compliance, and to assist with performance improvement.


Chat and Email.

Every customer interaction is a chance to build value and recognition for your brand. Chat and email communications are no exception. World Connection combines the convenience of chat and email technology with its personable and professional problem solvers, reinforcing your brand loyalty real time. We partner with you to improve response times and meet your business goals while ensuring the highest possible customer satisfaction for technical and help desk support, order fulfillment, problem resolution, transactions, user verification and much more.

Chat and Email support provides a convenient way for customers to directly address their product related concerns. Our World Connection staff consists of highly educated and trained team members that cater to your business matters and offer quick professional support while still maintaining your company’s quality.

We partner with you to achieve your business email and chat management goals with enhanced quality and improved response times. Our Chat and Email support covers technical support, help desk support, order fulfillment, problem resolution, transaction, verification and many more services that are tailored specific to each client.


At World Connection, we define sales as a powerful-human interaction between two people that fulfills the customer’s needs while positively building the client’s brand. World Connection trains its salespeople not only to make the sale, but to create long-term relationships between the customer and your brand. This leads to repeat business, referrals, customer retention and exponential business growth for our clients.

Sales are the driving force for many of our campaigns. World Connection ensures that our sales force is highly skilled, motivated and dedicated to achieving success. We accomplish this through proper hiring, incentive based programs and regular training sessions during which we listen to calls and discuss how to improve the customer experience. World Connection has built a team of trainers and managers dedicated to the art of selling. As a result, we have outperformed our customers’ own sales teams within the U.S.

We offer the following:

  • Inbound and Outbound Sales
  • Cross-Selling and Up-Selling
  • Direct Response
  • Surveys
  • Appointment Setting

Back Office.

More than ever, it is critical for companies to have systems in place allowing processing of incoming paperwork quickly and effectively.

WORLD CONNECTION specializes in Back-Office processes including Data Capture, Document Processing and Digital Mailroom processing. Our solutions deliver processes that ensure compliance and reduced time for critical information and data to reach the correct department.

The end result? Data arrives in your system sooner allowing for faster processing times and most importantly, a higher level of customer satisfaction.  

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Technical Support.

We hire the smartest, tech-savvy, problem solvers who live to make the toughest technical issues simple for your customers. Not only are our technical specialist smart, they provide a personable and empathetic experience—building brand value and delighting customers at every interaction.

Our people, technology and processes come together to provide higher first-contact resolution rates, happier customers and stronger brand loyalty.

World Connection handles technical support for several large customers. We also perform monthly ramp-ups for many of our campaigns, sometimes adding as many as 250 new agents in just a couple of days. Our primary focus is on quality and first call resolution to ensure a positive experience for every customer. We accomplish this through extensive training, testing, and coaching, ensuring that our representatives are experts in their field and can solve your customer’s problems during the first contact.

We offer the following:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Level 1 and Level 2 Support
  • Advance Programming and Development Teams
  • Complaint and Problem Resolution
  • Help Desk support