CX, Extreme and Supreme: A Promotional Machine

An increase in frequency, order value and exponential recommendations from repeat buyers will bring you closer, faster, to your bottom line.

Customer Service is a widely recognized term with incredible weight in Business; it can mean the difference between establishing a lasting brand or failing with a deteriorating one. 

Assistance and advice provided by a company to customers who bought or use its products or services can go a long way in providing an experience worthy of repeating.  The key to Customer Service is to provide an exceptional experience to the customer that leaves them feeling valued and respected.

Providing an excellent service can involve some extras, more resources, time and money to be put into action and get it right, but giving someone who trusted your product a great experience throughout the process will enable you to stand out from your competition, to maintain a positive reputation among future customers and encourage existing customers to purchase from your business again, and again.

It is six times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. Keeping this in mind can help you develop the right strategy to keep your customers supported and cared for.

The effects of providing a perfect Customer Experience (CX) can be felt throughout your organization almost instantaneously:

Increase customer loyalty:

By delivering a great customer service you are guaranteeing that you stand behind your product, generating trust that will convert to growth in your market and good recommendations to new possible customers.

Increase your customer’s purchases:

When a customer is happy, he or she is more likely to buy again.  This increases the amount of every order and increases overall lifetime customer value.

Increase the amount of sales:

When a good Customer Experience (CX) is provided, your customers will feel more comfortable to buy more frequently.  Instead of trying to ramp-up sales through costly, constant advertising to acquire new customers, an increase in frequency, order value and exponential recommendations will bring you closer to your bottom line on a more permanent, consistent basis.

Generate positive word-of-mouth about your business:

Satisfied and well taken care customers will share their experiences with other members of their families, friends and coworkers; this word of mouth promotion is extremely valuable to your business as safe and recommended endorsements. 

There are countless reasons why customer service is important to any business and there are many ways you can ensure you are delivering the service that your customers expect and need from your brand.

It is vital to create the perfect experience for your customers. So work on the right strategy to develop a winning Customer Experience, considering the best approach, for example:

Understanding Your Customer

It is important to research and understand as deeply as possible our customer needs and wants, these can be available by many methods. Studying our customer behavior can be really useful while developing the correct strategy to satisfy their needs, as is being in constant communication with them to have feedback about a product or service.

Customers Appreciate Respect

The way we approach our customers is vital to provide a great customer service experience, customers appreciate being treated with respect, as anyone should. So focus in creating a respectful and open communication line to guarantee transparency and satisfaction.

Always Over-deliver

If a promise is made, over deliver. Go over the top and wow your customer, it’s a sure hit that will cause a beneficial response. Fast response and solutions are also great ways to show your appreciation.  

Handle It Like A Pro

Your customers should be informed at all times, and making it easy for them to get the information they need on their own is a great way to lower call volume but increase customer’s satisfaction. FAQs and news sections should be available in your brand’s web page, so your customers can have easy access to them and solve queries easily and fast without requiring additional support.

Outbound calls

Having communication both ways is necessary. Outbound calls can help you get to your customers feedback and establish levels of satisfaction with your brand and the customer service provided.

These approaches will contribute to obtaining our customer’s satisfaction and make them feel valued, to maximize their life time with your business. This is not an easy process but with the right strategy and planning it can be achieved.

In Conclusion

It is important to measure and improve customer service through the use of various techniques, customer surveys, outbound calls and training. 

Training is a key element towards great Customer Service. Agents should be facilitated with all the tools necessary to put into practice our well developed strategy. This strategy and all the product or service information should be widely explained to the agents; they should have hands-on training with the software and have constant coaching. They should feel supported to deliver the correct message and engage a good relation with your customers.

Agents will become the face and voice of your company.  It is imperative that there is a way to guarantee that the agents are highly trained to deliver a great customer service experience to every customer.

Customer service is about understanding your customers and delivering solutions as fast as possible, making them feel appreciated and valued as they should be.  They represent the fuel that keeps you alive, so they are worth it; go over the top for them!

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