CASE STUDY: A Start-Up Looking For Flexibility In A BPO Partner

World Connection created new sales opportunities for a start-up client looking to grow and scale as needed.

World Connection created new sales opportunities for a start-up client in the Hospitality industry looking to grow and scale as needed.

About the Client:

Headquartered in Europe, the client is a start-up hospitality company that offers online hotel bookings for prolonged stays. The company is committed to obtaining and keeping loyal customers, and providing them with the best hotel package for several nights at once. Their value proposition is that they do one thing, and they are committed to doing it well for their customers.

Client Testimonial:

“Thank you a lot for all your help and effort. I know you are working hard for the success of our company and I really appreciate your partnership.” —Head of Customer Experience, Hospitality Industry

What Drove the Need:

The client was looking for a partner that could offer contact center and back-office support. As a start-up company, standing up and running a call center was not one of their core competencies. As they explored various Business Process Outsourcing companies and their locations, they struggled to find a BPO that would accept their business approach, because they were only looking for a team of 4 FTEs to start. 

The Solution:

World Connection’s flexibility-based business model allowed them to partner from the start, making it possible to work on projects of that size, plus the desire on both sides to grow.

Once the initial inbound customer service and email operations were established via 4 FTEs, World Connection noticed opportunities where the client could improve their sales through customer service and support channels. These ideas were developed and presented, eventually even helping the client create training materials and guidelines for new cross-selling opportunities.

As the program grew from 4 to 12 FTEs, additional languages were added: Spanish, French, and German language support. The satisfied client was delighted with the increase in revenue streams from existing communications.

Initial Program Start: 4 FTEs Customer Service & Email

Sales Revenue: 50,000 € Incremental New Revenue

Language Support: 4 (English, Spanish, French, German)

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