How To Refocus Your Efforts While Keeping Your Customers Satisfied

Committing to hiring full time employees can take time, so a good option to gain more flexibility to add extra support capacity in a short period of time is to look for outsourcing partners.

We live in a world where customers have grown accustomed to instant gratification, whether someone needs a car to pick them up, or maybe that person needs to order food or a massage, we are used to pushing buttons to get what we want as soon as possible. 

All this arrived with the advent of the on-demand economy which also raised the bar for expectations of what good Customer Service is; regardless of what channel they choose, people want their issues resolved quickly. That is why at this moment outsourcing a Customer Service branch, means much more than just hiring a group of people to answer phones all day in a room.

Each case may be different, but the pros and cons of outsourcing Customer Service can be very influential for both parties involved.  In order to take on this type of outsourcing, the brand needs to be clear on what type of results they are looking for, and on what the company really needs. If they have a clear answer then it’s easier to understand the functionality of these types of partnerships, plus, it also reinforces their decision in implementing it by knowing what the risks are.

Committing to hiring full time employees can take time, weeks or months even, so a good option to gain more flexibility to add extra support capacity in a short period of time is by making alliances with outsourcing partners. This will allow you to focus on developing and growing your business, saving resources is sometimes one of the main benefits, and the savings increase when the work is being done nearshore or offshore where the costs are significantly reduced as the cost of living may be lower.

And so, not adding infrastructure and labor costs to your company starts to add up to significant savings. Therefore, one of the most popular and easiest areas to outsource is Customer Service.

The job of recruiting like-minded people that are able to handle difficult personalities, and at the same time retain the details, views, and information about your company, is a full time occupation.  Experts have stated that a lot of company founders have never had the experience of setting up new processes, running a support organization, choosing from the different types of tools, or really knowing exactly what it takes to attain a fully functional Customer Service line. Keeping customer support outsourcing services on track and at the same time running and trying to grow your own business can get a little overwhelming, so this is where the experience of an outsourcing partner comes into play.

Outsourcing Customer Service may be a good decision for upper management usually because of cost effectiveness, expertise, scaling, or optimization, but losing the individual touch of their Customer Service division on their branding efforts can make anyone think twice.  Looking out for customer care outsourcing companies to increase workflow has become more popular throughout the years, but before considering this option one must find the reasons why these numbers are increasing. 

In summary, some of the benefits you can take advantage of by choosing to outsource:

Focus on your core functions

In any company, the core products require more attention.  By focusing on the most important parts of the organization, Customer Service becomes another relevant part of your business, and this enables you to channel your in-house efforts on different areas. The key ingredient here is finding the right Customer Service outsourcing partner that allows you to take on your customers completely, so that business can run at a constant rate.

Lower your costs

It reduces the need for additional resources like equipment, executives, call center staff and workspace. If you don’t have the cost of running a Customer Service division you can increase the budget in other key areas. For some companies cost cutting is one of the most common reasons for outsourcing. Leading outsourcing companies are able to flourish customer relationships without taking out the quality in customer interaction in order to retain loyalty.

Relieve the pressure

For any business one of the biggest challenges to overcome is dealing with unsatisfied customers.  During these situations, outsourcing part or all of your services can help you find peace of mind. A perfect way of making your brand more accessible is leaving your Customer Service processes to the experts, this creates a relationship for building the most positive customer experience you can offer.

Getting to know some of the pros and cons of outsourcing customer services can really help calculate the company’s real needs and also will provide valuable information to calculate the risk of implementing these processes, and whether or not it is the best option at the stage in which your company currently finds itself. Everyday, mid-sized and large companies from Canada, Australia, United States and UK that have chosen to outsource their Customer Service division confirm that even at times of uncertainty, they find a lot more of advantages than disadvantages in upgrading their Customer Service outsourcing solutions.

It is certainly interesting to find that even when Outsourcing dates back to the 1950s, each decade has evolved this process and perfected its functions, gaining recognition largely because of the constant development of new IT tools that make Outsourcing work as a more practical, productive and common practice.  Evaluate your company’s needs, increase your workflow and start saving by finding the best BPO partner for your business.  It is a very versatile strategy, so even if you feel you are not entirely ready to work with a remote team, a good BPO partner will always help you find different types of modified systems until you feel comfortable with the one that suits you best.

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