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Outsourcing efforts are a great open door for any growing business in the market.

When someone mentions the word telemarketing the first thing that comes to people’s minds is cold calls and selling products. But for someone looking for effective strategies to make their business grow it might be much more than that.  Imagine having the chance to win over customers that have the potential of coming full circle when there’s a successful way of keeping them interested and coming back, confident that they can rely on your company’s services.

Outsourcing your telemarketing can be a great opportunity, and even more so if you leave it to the experts. The digital era has many benefits, but it also brings the challenge of finding new customers, because they can represent a higher cost than what you are used to spending on retaining previous buyers. It is very important to keep coming back to them. This type of marketing ensures that active customers are well taken care of, while the company staff can have more time to plan and implement strategies to attract new ones.  Customer Service and cross-selling agents are just two examples of coworkers that require a specific skill set, and should never be seen as just another task for an already overstretched workforce.

In this day and age letting customers know that you care through a phone call gets more attention than just focusing on email and digital marketing.  The partner you choose to outsource repetitive tasks can also offer different special promotions to active clients, a returning member’s deal.  Most of the work that gets done at call centers breaks down to following procedures, resolving all types of issues, offering a service or product, and effectively serving the majority of the customers. Sales outsourcing companies always compete to go a step further, agents must think creatively and understand that the key is being well-prepared to respond to any inquiry or detail regarding the service or product that is being offered. Great agents will stand out easily, a manager will have the challenge to identify them so that they can receive extra coaching to help them achieve their greatest potential.

There are many options that can get your attention, but it is recommended to work with an agency that offers flexibility in payments as in service structures to be able to find something that suits the company’s best interest.  

Depending on experience levels, there are many business aspects that an entrepreneur can handle. It’s ok if they can handle it, but that doesn’t mean they automatically should.  A great amount of time and effort is needed to be able to complete these types of tasks.  Sometimes this can be more expensive in terms of the cost of an opportunity than it would be to hire external sales or help desk services.

Educating and motivating callers is going to be a continuous part of the job, keep in mind that this work begins until the system and staff are well in place. Many people don’t notice, but on-hold messages are informative enough to encourage a caller to want to know more on the subject, keep them online by ensuring your IVR system recording delivers the desired and correct information.  Remember to always try to go one step further, take sales outsourcing outside the box and you will always have a new and different way of connecting with customers.  

On-hold time is very valuable, because at that moment one can have the complete caller’s attention, so why throw it away with elevator music when you can share valuable information regarding the company’s special promotions, products or services.

Successful companies understand that to keep customers satisfied and engaged, the quality and level of service must be maintained consistently. From the moment someone calls, every detail counts, a friendly and understandable voice from the auto-attendant greeting would be a good start, and remember no one likes to be put on hold for too long.  

Time efficiency in problem solving is of utmost importance in these situations, also having a well routed IVR system can eliminate a great amount of frustration to customers, minimizing the chance of losing a potential sale or support.  When you are narrowing down your search for the best outsourcing companies, make a checklist and then go step by step.  And the first step is to make certain that calls are being managed in the most efficient and effective way as possible, doing this will enable the company to explore different sales increasing opportunities. 

Outsourcing efforts are a great open door for any growing business in the market.  Remember that you’re hiring someone whose main focus every day is calling and reaching their targets, where work flow can be distributed and directed in a more structured way.  Business process outsourcing companies know how to effectively complete each task you assign, as they focus and learn more specifically the ins-and-outs of it everyday.  

Try to always maintain a flexible arrangement for contracts and arrangements to get the best out of the working relationship, and most of all to achieve the productivity upgrade you are seeking in your sales, customer service or tech support departments.  Customers need to feel appreciated, and you can express this through scripts, recorded messages, follow-up emails, etc. 

In order to provide a higher level of service, you need to nurture a relationship.  Building trust and respect is easier when it is real and transmitted properly to customers.  Finding a great service and sales-driven caller experience agency that suits your company’s needs may take some time and investment, but done in an effective way and trusting the experts will definitely open a great spectrum of possibilities to increase your overall company performance.

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