CASE STUDY: A Hospitality Client’s Fast Response During COVID-19

World Connection Hospitality Industry
A client in the Hospitality industry decided to outsource and avoid service interruptions.

Amid COVID-19, a client in the Hospitality industry partnered successfully with World Connection to stand up a new team in two days.

About the Client:

One of the largest and most successful lodging franchisors in the world, currently with more than 7,000 hotels, representing 570,000 rooms in more than 40 countries and territories.

What Drove the Need:

During the peak of COVID-19, this client’s line of business went down completely. Many of their other global partners were battling the logistics of working from home and scrambling due to newly imposed government restrictions related to COVID-19.  They needed to move quickly, so the decision was made to outsource a partner that could help and respond fast in order to avoid interruptions.

The Solution:

World Connection had already transitioned its workforce to a work-from-home model prior to government restrictions, and stood as an immediate on-shore and near-shore solution for them. The requirement was to quickly assemble a team of 20 FTEs (full-time equivalents) and have them go through a 3-day virtual training on how to provide proper support and answer member-services calls. World Connection was able to recruit and put into training all 20 FTEs within 2-days of notification.

Recruitment Time: 2 days

Moved Team Home: 3 days

Major Interruptions: Cero, no major interruptions to daily workflow

Reasons the Client Turned to World Connection for Help:

  • Years of industry experience
  • Quick ramp-up capabilities
  • Bi-lingual services
  • Strong recruiting capabilities
  • Inexpensive labor forces
  • Optimal locations for both on-shore and near-shore services
  • Flexible operations and customized CS programs
  • Back-office capabilities
  • Engaged ownership

The ability to be forward-thinking and agile with their own business enabled World Connection to fluently help a customer in a time of need. This works as another reminder of why it is important to exercise flexibility in serving clients and pivot very quickly to meet their needs, instead of being bogged down by bureaucracy and just doing what is right.

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