6 Tips To Increase Call Center Sales

Make the right call when it comes to optimizing your sales and overall customer experience.

If your sales are not increasing but you seem to have the prospects, value statements and even the script right, you need to take a deeper look into your competitors and potential customers to figure out how to go the extra mile.

You will need more than an aggressive media strategy to turn the tables, because customers may like to hear from you but they do not want to feel pressured to buy.  They need to be treated with respect and their issues resolved efficiently.  This is why sales agents need to have an extensive knowledge about the product or service, but also learn to be empathic, respectful and aware of people’s time.

These qualities and some other details will indeed boost your sales and improve the customer experience.  So, here are 6 basic tips to help you boost your call center effectiveness:

Who Are They?

Before you even start making calls you need to know who your possible customers are. Try to think like them, step into their shoes.

It is necessary to understand what they want and the best way to satisfy their needs. Research your customer to have a clear view on how to improve the calls to close more sales by actually offering something helpful.

Trained agents know you should never undermine your customer’s choices even if they are open about choosing your competitor.  Showing respect and letting our values and education take control will make a good impression and inspire more trust when suggesting they consider making the switch.

Know Your Way Around

Of course, agents must have a deep, proper understanding about the product or service they are selling. All the information they provide needs to be updated, accurate so they can solve most queries, especially on the first call with potential customers. Having the answers to all questions and concerns is vital to execute the sale; the more they know the better. Agents will feel confident when speaking about the product or service which will also increase sales!

Invest time on agents.  Help them understand the product or service, review all technical or legal aspects, what can and cannot be done. Also, when a new feature is added to the product, agents must be notified and instructed on updates immediately to stay on top and not be surprised by an informed consumer.

It is also important to have constant training sessions regarding any changes or updates to their own call center software, so agents can access the information they need and establish a good precedent with any person when executing the call.

Make the Right Call

When making a sales call you will need to break the ice, cold customers need to be engaged fast, so a good call opener is a must. They need to feel like they are getting a benefit from taking the call, and ultimately by purchasing our product or service.

Develop a friendly and warming call opener to establish a respectful relation between the agent and the customer.  And now that you got their attention..

Have Real Conversations

Agents must be capable of having real conversations with the customers.  They need to introduce themselves and be able to have an open and tailored conversation that helps customers feel more comfortable to get to the point where they can steer the conversation to suggest a beneficial product or service, and eventually make the sale.

Agents must always be respectful no matter the response, as they are the face of the managed brand, something they may need to be reminded of often.  They also have to be patient, empathic and good listeners, so customers feel well taken care of and be more open to buying what you offer. That said, there are consumers that will rather get all the basic information quickly, straightforward and providing this information immediately will be the difference between closing the sale or not. This is why trained agents means better agents, which leads to more sales.

Solve and Sell

Every call can be used to make a sale, even when the agents are solving a previous query or making a service call.  Upselling or cross-selling opportunities come about when a professional agent can deliver a great customer experience, solving any previous or pending issue and suggesting other products or services that in a very real way may better suit the customer. 

Tech support calls can be also used as a way to a new sale. After delivering a satisfying assistance to the customer you can suggest the purchase of an extended guarantee, maintenance plans, and even a new software version, for example.

You can also try to increase sales by doing follow-ups via call, email or text message to suggest new products or services regarding the previously purchased one, or simply to learn more from their feedback for future reference.

Appreciation Is A Must

Making you customers feel appreciated is a necessity. By covering the basics you may have half the battle won. Show gratitude for their time, say please and always be straight forward but in a respectful manner.

Keeping your customers informed is also a big way to show appreciation, if you are improving and getting ahead in trends, your customers will get a better product and better attention to their needs.

So, to make the sales call easier for everyone involved, agents will need to provide high quality service, be well aware of the product or service features, benefits and general information while making the customers feel appreciated and benefited about going through with the purchase.

You can even send pre recorded thank you notes after a sale is closed, to nurture the customer-company relationship.

Building respect and trust based relations with our customers is key.  Remember sales are not a one time thing; the longer a customer is loyal to a particular brand, the more opportunities to grow together will arise. So make sure the first, and every impression counts!

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